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Welcome To Great Life Global

Join Jane and Lino SEPTEMBER 7-13, 2014 in beautiful MARTHA'S VINEYARD at an incomparable compound of vacation cottages for a fabulous VACATION-EDUCATION. Jane and Lino present an energizing and rejuvenating week of deliciously healing macrobiotic meals, professional lectures on natural macrobiotic healing, and expert cooking classes. Enjoy exploring the Vineyard, as well as swimming, picnics, sunning, evening discussions, music, and meditation! Go to our link here or telephone 828-299-8657 for exciting details and information.


Join us for the "Bringing It Home" Kushi Conference August 3-17, 2014 at the Kushi Institute, Becket, MA with Michio Kushi. Jane and Lino will be teaching and look forward to seeing you there! For Details, Visit:

Launch a Life of Greater Health and Happiness on The Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise, March 14-21, 2015. For Details, Visit:


Our mission is to bring Natural Health Education to the Global Community in order to increase health and happiness, as well as to eliminate diseases of body, mind and spirit, and to create World Peace. Explore our website for the following topics:

Lino Stanchich will be appearing in Croatia and Italy in June, 2014. Watch here for details or email Jane and Lino at to get regular updates.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Great Life Global Seminars

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Find an organic farm in your area! will help locate farms and you find the organic ones. SImply add your zip code and submit. Then see where there are farms near you to buy reasonably priced produce. Ask for organic food. Get to know and buy from your local farmers to save money, transportation fuel (squash from Mexico anyone?!), and air quality. Support your local food growing heroes! Say Jane and Lino sent you! CLICK HERE TO SEARCH NOW!

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