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Jane, Lino and Sean was started by Lino Stanchich, Jane Quincannon-Stanchich and Sean DiMaria.  As experienced macrobiotic specialists, alternative health counselors, dietary consultants, and nutritional educators Lino, Jane and Sean have combined their professional talent, expertise and passion to build a community of support through  As a team Sean, Jane and Lino are dedicated to providing services and products that promote:

•    Greater Energy and Endurance
•    Better Digestion and Regularity
•    Improved Weight Control
•    All Natural Cures and Disease Prevention
•    Mental Clarity
•    Stress Reduction
•    Emotional Stability
•    Peaceful Sleep
•    Ecology of the Earth
•    A Boost of Enthusiasm
•    Increased Energy
•    The Enhancement of Overall Health
•    An Open Heart
•    Inner Strength
•    Mood Control
•    Self-Fulfillment Natural Health, Natural Wellness, Natural Living!

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