The Natural Bladder Control Program (eBook)

Take care of bladder control problems and excessive urination naturally. Lear how to strengthen your kidneys and improve the quality of your life.
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The Natural Bladder Control Program e-Book
by Lino Stanchich and edited by Jane Stanchich and
Sean DiMaria


Overcome incontinence and excessive urination with a natural healthy approach. Are you exhausted because you get up repeatedly during the night to go to the bathroom? Is your urge to urinate so strong and excessive that you cannot sit through a movie or sporting event without frequently going to the restroom? Are your medications causing incontinence or excessive urination? Does the simple act of laughing or coughing cause you to accidentally urinate? Have you ever urinated before you could make it to the bathroom? Do you experience incontinence since you have given birth? Take care of bladder problems naturally with Natural Bladder Control Book. This invaluable resource will help you to strengthen your kidneys and improve your sex life and virility.

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The Natural Bladder Control Program eBook

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