Nurtuing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

addiction eventFive Tuesday January Evenings at Jubilee! Church Asheville. Tell your friends and loved ones.


  • New strategies to overcome cravings for alcohol and sugar
  • How to cook and eat for maximum nutrition and inner peace
  • Natural nutritional program to create strength and calmness
  • Protect yourself against alcohol/sugar temptations
  • To connect to your subconscious and energy centers
  • Relaxation, meditation, movements to revitalize and renew
  • How common foods create unhealthy cravings and imbalance
  • Methods of keeping track of your goals, plans, and progress
  • Ways to help heal sleep, elimination, fatigue, and moods

with DAMON DICKINSON, Certified Professional Addiction-Recovery Coach
JANE AND LINO STANCHICH, Nutritionists, Authors, Holistic-Macrobiotic Specialists

TUESDAYS •  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm • Garden Room Jubilee! Church

46 Wall Street, Asheville, NC • Enter from Patton Avenue

January 2  • January 9 • January 16 • January 23 •  January 30     

Payment for all five sessions due by January 2. Space Limited.

  • $ 125     for all five sessions   ( $99 if paid at introduction)
  • $   50 for your friends – partners - associates      

TO SIGN UP, PLEASE CALL: 828-299-8657


EASTOVER RESORT & ECO VILLAGE, LENOX, MA • July 29 - August 4, 2018

EastoverJANE AND LINO join 25 macrobiotic teachers at the amazing and beautiful EASTOVER ESTATE with elegant rooms, glorious Berkshire views, and fresh mountain air. But the best are the dynamic classes in healing, cooking, exercise, massage, and meditation that lead to greater wellness and longevity. Last year’s Summer Conference there was so exciting! The food was abundant and delicious too and seeing long-time macro friends was heartwarming. 

To read about the incredible EASTOVER facilities, educational program, teacher line-up, and rates, visit



In the Beautiful Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina
Presented by Jane and Lino Stanchich

jane and lino

Lino and Jane will share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help you begin, improve, or recharge your diet, lifestyle, and total health! This exciting seminar, which they have conducted and updated for over two decades, is designed for the serious beginner and/or anyone who wants to enhance their daily health regime, as well as their daily practice of the macrobiotic natural way to wellness. 
Savor delicious, organic, vegan, seasonal, plant-based meals and receive life-changing information and skills, based on Macrobiotics, which is the original plant-based diet that provides strength and balance.
Join Jane and Lino in a calm, friendly, healing atmosphere where vital education is combined with relaxation and enjoyment. 
This dynamic seminar will include:
  • The fundamentals of health lectures 
  • Delicious, balanced macrobiotic meals     
  • Clear, understandable cooking classes
  • Essential lectures and lively discussions   
  • Energizing and healing exercise         
  • Tools to uplift and inspire well-being
  • Modern, comfortable environment 
  • Fun, laughter, and friendship 



February 1-3, 2018

We begin this empowering seminar Thursday evening at 5:00 pm and end Saturday evening at 7:00 pm

The GREAT LIFE MOUNTAIN WEEK-END will include a comprehensive, basic foundation of natural health and macrobiotic education taught in a friendly, small group setting. Each seminar student will be given GOLD Sea Salt, a book, and a notebook with plant-based-macrobiotic information, charts, typed recipes from the cooking classes, and supportive, inspirational materials.


Learn the Macrobiotic Wellness Approach to: 

  • Understanding Health            
  • Discovering Your Own Unique Needs
  • Disease Prevention
  • Achieving Emotional Well-Being 
  • Better Digestion and Vitality  
  • Energizing Exercise 
  • Natural Weight Loss                
  • Conscious Eating for Body and Spirit
  • Effective Home Remedies
  • Self-Massage and Meditation
  • Simple Menu Planning
  • Restful, Healing Sleep Techniques


7:00am Energy Exercises or Self Massage Class
8:00am Healthful, Satisfying Breakfast
9:00am Group Walk in the beautiful Mountain Air
10:00am Macrobiotic Cooking Class and Menu-Planning Sessions
12:00pm Hearty Lunch with New Friends
1:00pm Free Time for Resting, Massage, or Socializing
3:00pm Inspiring Presentation/ Lecture with Lino
5:30pm An Enjoyable Dinner
6:30pm Round Table Discussion with Q&A


Our Delicious and Balanced Macrobiotic Meals

Enjoy classic and innovative macrobiotic healing dishes carefully and tastefully prepared by Jane Stanchich, who expertly prepares organic whole grains, pasta, gravy, protein rich legumes and healthful soy products, market fresh vegetables, high mineral sea vegetables, flavorful fruits, and savory seasonings. 

Delicious condiments, pickles, healthful desserts, and beverages will be served daily. All of the seminar food is free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten and animal products. Dishes are made with YOU in mind. Peaceful mealtimes and conscious eating are taught and encouraged for maximum results.

EXPERIENCE the "Great Life" with Jane and Lino

LINO STANCHICH is an international macrobiotic educator and counselor with over 45 years experience who serves on the faculty of the Kushi Institute. A Licensed Nutritionist (FL) and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NC), Mr. Stanchich has lectured throughout the world. He is a respected teacher of the plant-based macrobiotic philosophy and lifestyle, Shiatsu Massage, Do-In Self-Massage, Chi Kung, and Laughter Therapy. Author of the popular books, Power Eating Program, You Are How You Eat , Macrobiotic Healing Secrets, Essential Macrobiotic Recipes and Kidney-Bladder Health, he is creator of "Healing Mealtime Music" CD, and the healing self-massage and exercise video "Energize Yourself” and  “LAUGH for the Health of It!” His latest is dynamic audio is entitled, “Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body.” 

Lino Stanchich is a wonderful person who, for decades, has been continuously dedicated to the development of humanity and the betterment of our social, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  – Michio Kushi, Author, Foremost Teacher of Macrobiotics in the World, Harvard Lecturer
Lino Stanchich is truly one of the great and inspired teachers of our age. He brings a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience to his teachings about life's greatest needs and tools for optimum nutrition, health, and longevity. He is one of the foremost teachers of macrobiotics in the world today. It has been one of my greatest fortunes to have had the opportunity to work and study with Lino. –Ronald R. Parks, M.D., M. P. H.
Lino is a wise and compassionate health counselor with 45 years experience in practice. His sensible lifestyle recommendations, including a natural foods diet, moderate exercise, stress reduction and good sleep hygiene will be of interest to anyone seeking optimal health. – David S. Ludwig, MD, Ph., Director, Optimal Weight for Life Program, Children's Hospital Boston, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School


JANE STANCHICH is an author, a Kushi Institute Certified Macrobiotic Teacher and Licensed Nutritionist (FL), with over 30 years experience. A respected macrobiotic dietary, lifestyle, and lifepath counselor, Jane teaches regularly at the Kushi Institue in Becket, MA and the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise. A successful restaurant and natural foods consultant, Jane is a renowned macrobiotic chef and cooking instructor who presents dynamic classes, workshops, and seminars throughout the United States and Europe with her husband, Lino. This former public school teacher has been a regular featured writer for Christina Cooks! magazine and has written Healthy Holiday Cooking and produced the DVD’s “Macrobiotic Cooking for the Whole Family” and “Cooking Terrific Tofu Turkey.” Jane is a Kripalu yoga graduate and proponent of healthy, balanced exercises, designed for each individual.



It’s been 30 years since Murray and I made the change to a Vegan/ Macrobiotic diet. Enter Jane, our first cooking teacher, who gently guided us through our introduction to previously unknown grains, beans, veggies, sea veggies, and a host of Japanese products like umeboshi, shiitake, and mirin. Jane made each class a fun adventure giving us knowledge and techniques to make new dishes and menus satisfied our "Southern souls," as well as our nutritional needs.
Thirty years later I’m still enjoying some of those original recipes and lots of new ones that Jane has created.  They are all treasured, as are the memories of the fun classes (listen closely for the one liner jokes that she slips in) and the special times when we’ve cooked and shared meals together. Leslie Simon, Community Activist, Mom, Grandmother, Former Private School Owner
Jane, I loved your classes, not only for the step-by-step clear instructions, but also for the nutrition and health benefit information you gave with each dish prepared.  A nice bonus was the wonderful positive approach to cooking that you demonstrate.  I have told friends about "cooking with love" enveloping the preparation of the food.  I think it is a great image. Thank you for caring. 
 – Jillian Johnson, Asheville

Complete Seminar including Classes, Materials, Meals:
$495.00 Per Person      •     Couple/2nd Person $300.00
Payment: Check, Credit, or Pay Pal

Comprehensive private macrobiotic consultations are offered by appointment.

In order to give each participant optimum attention, the seminar is smaller. Therefore, space is limited. Participants are responsible for their own accommodations from the abundant, conveniently located options. We can help with travel and accommodation selections.

For those not driving, the Asheville Airport is convenient and transportation services are available.

 Participants are responsible for their own accommodations from the abundant, conveniently located options. For those not driving, the Asheville Airport is convenient and
transportation services are available.

Need more info?
Phone Jane and Lino Stanchich (828) 299-8657.

We invite you to join us for a life-enhancing week-end in beautiful Asheville, NC.

Jane and Lino Stanchich



Holistic Holiday at Sea XV

Special 10 Day • 15th Anniversary Sailing!

FEBRUARY 15-25, 2018

Holistic Holiday at Sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world's leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health. Cruise the Eastern Caribbean on one of the world's premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Divina, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. Our special 15th Anniversary 10-night cruise will sail from Miami, Florida to exciting new ports of call, including Martinique; St. Kitts and Nevis; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and Freeport, Bahamas. All this and more while you dine on specially prepared vegan natural foods and beverages prepared by our own chefs. Over 150 lectures and workshops included.


February 15-25, 2018, join Jane and Lino for a transformative cruise to greater health and happiness. Sun, fun, and fabulous vegan, raw, and international gourmet food, lectures, yoga, and workouts in the Caribbean! The cruise presenters are highly popular, internationally known experts in nutrition, natural health, disease prevention, fitness, and meditation.

Holistic Holiday at Sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit. Share the experience and wisdom of some of the world's leading authorities and experts in holistic living and natural health. Cruise the Western Caribbean on one of the world's premier Italian luxury liners, the MSC Divina, which combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. Visit exciting ports of call! All this and more while you dine on specially prepared vegan natural foods and beverages prepared by our own chefs. Lectures and workshops included.

The Asheville Macrobiotic Alliance sponsors many potlucks in Asheville throughout the year.

Guests bring delicious macrobiotic-vegan dishes at a dinner organized by Jane Stanchich.

Often there is a program of education, music, or celebration.

For schedule and information, contact Jane Stanchich 828-299-8657.

We hope to see you at an Asheville Macrobiotic Potluck soon!

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