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HI KIDS! In this special page, just for you, we will share lots of yummy recipes, weird but true health facts, and fun global adventures. Try our delish recipes and tell us how you like them. Send in your vacation photos or pictures of your pet. It is a place to hang out, learn, lauch and play.


Send in your favorite vegan macrobiotic recipes, trips, comments, questions, photos, puzzles, news, and reports that you want to share with other kids. Kids of any age are welcome here.

Here are some questions to think about and send in your answer or story:

1. What are your favorite vegan foods?
2. Do you have a pet? Tell us about your pet.
3. Have you ever been to a macrobiotic summer camp? How was it?
4. What is your favorite snack (give us the recipe!).
5. How do you help make the world a better place to live?
6. Do you love animals? Sports? Helping others?
7. Would you send us a funny joke or story?

Always ask your Mom or Dad before writing to us. Show them your recipe, joke, photo, or story. Then they can let us know if it is OK to put it on the Great Life Global Website!

Let's all share our questions and solutions for childcare, infants' food, children's meals, and any other natural health concerns. We will answer or research the solution or ask our resident professionals. So wherever you live, you have a connection and group of global friends to share your quest for health and happiness through macrobiotics. Here are some topic ideas we can discuss:
1. What are some healthy milk substitutes for children?
2. How can I cook vegetables that my kids will like?
3. What are some solutions to my child's health challenges?
4. How can I make healthy desserts?
5. How can I encourage my family to help with meal preparation?
6. Where can I learn to cook healthy foods?
7. My kids love sugar so much, what can I do?

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