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Macrobiotics is a way of living in harmony with Nature in order to become more physically healthy, mentally clear, emotionally stable, and spiritually aware. Translated from the Greek, Macrobiotics means "Great Life," or living life to the fullest with joy, health and gratitude.

The study and practice of Macrobiotics empowers us to live the most complete and vital life possible. The ultimate goal of Macrobiotics is to create World Peace through personal health. Macrobiotics encourages self-empowerment and self-reliance, while embracing the most effective nutritional, medical, and alternative health modalities.

Macrobiotics is compatible with all ideological, religious, and medical practices. The Macrobiotic dietary approach has been found to be scientifically valid. This dynamic way of living teaches a multitude of simple, sound, and proven methods along with guidelines and tools to create positive change and achieve benefits to enhance all aspects of our lives.

The world is experiencing a catastrophic health dilemma. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other degenerative diseases are rampant in modern countries, while diseases, hunger, starvation, and hopelessness exist on a massive scale throughout underdeveloped societies. War, violence, abuse, and insanity sweep all corners of the Earth. Global warming, pollution, and inhumane farming plague our world.

As a global community, as neighbors, as fellow world citizens, we can do better for our lands, our people, our animals, our selves. Macrobiotics holds many solutions for world suffering. Through its natural, ecological, and economical nutritional and lifestyle approach, Macrobiotics leads the way towards personal and planetary health and peace.

As an international natural health movement, Macrobiotics is:

  • A PHILOSOPHY of living according to the natural laws of the universe, which are healthy, ecological, and economical.
  • A PRINCIPLE of understanding energy and how to balance it within ourselves, our foods, our relationships, and in all areas of our lives.
  • A DIET of delicious and satisfying whole organic foods that are nutritionally sound and well balanced with regard to each person's unique needs.

Often we feel as though there is nothing we can do to change the course of our life and health. In fact, there is much we can do. We each have a tremendous ability to direct our own lives. Many have achieved boundless health and happiness, even after suffering seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Health is neither a mysterious unknown nor a result of hereditary or chance. Rather, it is the result of conscious care and right choices in a balanced daily life. To live a wholistic macrobiotic lifestyle is to enjoy life to the fullest with joy, health, and gratitude.

Join us here at Great Life Global in the exploration of the power of natural health through Macrobiotics.

The world needs you.  Take your positive, vibrant energy out to your family, community, and world in whatever passionate way you choose. Be strong so the hand you hold for others is firm and sure. Be joyous, so the smile you give is heartfelt. Be bold, so the talents you share ring true. Be light to bring illumination and love to the world. It all begins with us.

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