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  • Develop a positive, optimistic attitude and visualize yourself the way you want to feel and be.
  • Focus on your health and healing rather than your condition or disease.
  • Cultivate an appreciation for everything you have, counting your blessings. Make the best of your present situation, while learning how to change your life for the better.
  • Seek professional health counseling and support for your healing.
  • Ask for support from your family and friends, as it is vitally important. Request assistance.
  • Cook with a gas stove. Use a portable gas stove if necessary. Avoid electric or microwave cooking.
  • Sing a happy song each day!
  • Attend macrobiotic cooking classes or learn how to cook with the guidance of an experienced macrobiotic cook.
  • Cook with and drink bottled spring water, preferably in glass containers or install a solid carbon water filter.
  • Install a solid carbon water filter on your shower head.
  • Create peaceful and pleasant mealtimes.
  • Finish eating dinner and all solid foods three hours before bedtime. Avoid lying down right after eating.
  • Give thanks before and after each meal, remembering how fortunate you are to have this food and knowledge.
  • Chewing vegetarian/macrobiotic food very well is essential for proper assimilation to maximize energy and healing. To begin, chew each mouthful 15 times for 3 days, then increase to 25 chews per mouthful, progressing to 50 chews per mouthful. The more you chew, the more effective your health/macrobiotic program will be. For more information, read my book Power Eating Program.
  • Make sure your clothing is made of natural fibers and your underwear is made of 100% natural cotton.
  • Your bed linens should be made of 100% organic cotton and your blankets should be made of cotton, wool, or natural material. Especially avoid electric blankets. Avoid placing electric appliances (clock, radio, ceiling fan) above or around your bed.
  • Stimulate your body daily with a hot towel body scrub, or at least massage your face, hands, and feet twice a day.
  • Spend at least one hour outdoors daily, ideally two or three hours, avoiding the noon sun (10:00 am -2:00 pm).
  • Several times a week, exercise moderately to the point of perspiring, as you dance, bicycle, garden, or perform any enjoyable activity.
  • Take a daily walk outdoors at leas 5-10 minutes before breakfast and 20-30 minutes after evening dinner, preferably after each meal. When walking, breathe 3-5 steps inhaling and 3-5 steps exhaling, as comfortable.
  • Have a meaningful talk with a trusted counselor/advisor at least once a week, in person or on the phone.
  • Communicate frequently with your parents, family, teachers, and friends, sharing your knowledge, experiences, and feelings.
  • Go to bed early (ideally 10:30 pm) and rise early (ideally 6:30 am or at sunrise.)
  • Put order in your home, car, and office by cleaning and organizing each area.
  • Open up your house daily at least one half hour, to allow fresh air inside and stale air outdoors. Keep windows open whenever appropriate, while maintaining a pleasant temperature.
  • Place live, green plants in each living area to enrich the oxygen content of your home.
  • Avoid cosmetics and body care products that contain sugar, chemicals, heavy perfumes, or animal products.
  • Use organic fertilizers and pesticides in your yard. Eat organic foods.
  • Minimize television and computer viewing. If you are on a healing program, limit viewing to one hour a day each. Install a protective screen on your color television and computer terminal.
  • Remove florescent lights from your home or office and replace them with "full spectrum" and energy efficient lights.
  • Discover and utilize your talents and find a life-work that brings you satisfaction and joy!
  • Love yourself!


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