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beans.jpgEmpowerment through Education.

Great Life Global provides the educational tools and information you need to live a longer, happier, healthier and more conscious life. In addition to nutrition and diet, macrobiotic principles and philosophies support a lifestyle founded in ethics, ecology, fair trade, sustainability, organics and natural health. Our library of educational articles is available to help you learn more about alternative health practices and macrobiotics. This knowledge will empower you to...


Live in harmony with the earth
Assist your body in healing itself naturally
Maintain total wellness
Experience joy
Love yourself completely
...and much more! To ask questions or schedule a macrobiotic, health consultation CONTACT US today!


Holistic Health and Macrobiotic Articles

"Gold Sea Salt"

"The Powerful Benefits of Miso"


"Shitake Mushrooms: Their Healing Benefits & Delicious Flavors"

"Delightful Cooking For Springtime"

"Improve Your Liver To Improve Your LIfe"

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