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Food is Healing!

Food is Fabulous!

Food is Fun!


Cook up great health in your own kitchen. Yes, you can cook! Singles, couples, and families all will find recipe favorites. Your whole family can help create wholesome and scrumptious foods. Follow simple recipes to make you and your family delicious and nutritious whole foods and macrobiotic quality dishes.

Great Life Global recipes are free of all animal products, refined sugars, chemicals, and excess salt and spices.

Great Life Global recipes contain the highest quality foods for optimum health including:

--Satisfying Whole Grains
--Healthy Complex Carbohydrates
--Fresh Vegetables
--Protein-Rich Beans & Legumes
--Convenient & Yummy Bean Products
--Sensational Sea Vegetables
--Healing Pickles and Condiments
--Colorful Seasonal Fruits
--Balanced Natural Sweeteners

Remember, Home Cooking is more economical, healthy, and balanced.



-Sensational Soups
-High Fiber Whole Grain Entrees
-International Pasta Favorites
-Bean Stews & Main Courses
-Versatile Vegetables
-Surprising Mineral-Rich Sea Vegetables
-Easy Healing Pickles
-Decadent Sugar-Free Desserts
-Soothing and Stimulating Beverages

Great Life Global gives you free recipes that will save you money and may save your life!

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