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Macrobiotic Stories of Transformation and Success

Great Life Global is proud to share with you the healing Success Stories of wonderful, courageous people worldwide who have adopted the Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle. These inspiring individuals have triumphed over so-called “terminal,” incurable, or chronic illnesses and diseases, diagnosed by medical professionals. Learn details about their nutritional and lifestyle programs utilized along with conventional treatments. You can even contact many of these terrific people yourself. Look for their links and contact information. These stories are provided as inspiration and are not prescriptions or recommendations for any other person. Contact your health professional for your appropriate personal medical and health advice.

Read the marvelous Success Stories by such people as:

- A Retired Hospital CEO from North Carolina Who Conquered Prostate Cancer

- A Florida Registered Nurse Who is in Remission from Breast Cancer

- A Registered Nurse from Ohio Who Trriumphed Over Lung Cancer

- A Teacher and Counselor Who Reversed her Osteo-Arthritis

- A Tennessee Woman Who Conquered Crohn's Disease

- A Former Police Officer and Football Player Who Conquers Kidney Cancer

- Famed Author and Counselor Who Recounts her Dramatic Healing from Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

- Retired Teacher Who Changes to the Macrobiotic Diet to Stop Spread of Breast Cancer

- A Breast Cancer Survivor Who Credits Macrobiotics with Helping Her to Find the Reality of the “Abundant Life” that Scripture Promises

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