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Energize Yourself! Self-Massage (Digital Video Download)

“Energize Yourself! An Energizing Self-Massage Video Program” (WMV DIGITAL VIDEO DOWNLOAD) with Lino Stanchich
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Improve your vitality! Increase your circulation! Do it the fun, easy way! For less than the price of one professional massage, you can have a lifetime of daily massages given by your best friend… (someone who is always available) YOU!

This video program is full of valuable information on a powerful, yet simple, self-massage practice called Dõ-In. Macrobiotic and bodywork expert, Lino Stanchich, leads this program with expertise, humor, and warmth and includes instruction on how to perform a full body self-massage, partner massage, couple massage, and laughter therapy. This video was filmed in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. 57 min.

This video download is a .wmv file (Windows Media Viewer). You must have Windows Media Player (or compatible program) installed on your computer to view this video. To obtain your free version of Windows Media Player, please visit:

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