What a momentous day! On my husband, Murray’s, 85th birthday on February 5, 2021, we will celebrate thirty-five years of practicing macrobiotics and living the healthiest lifestyle that we can.

Over the years we have evolved and, as our bodies and needs have changed, so have our daily wellness practices. The important core of our daily wellness program is good, organic, vegan, Macro food, with some fish added as we have aged.

We continue to exercise daily, usually beginning with a short morning stretch “to get the kinks out,” plus a set of relaxing floor exercises on our back before bed. These relax our backs and joints and release any air left in our digestive systems, encouraging good, deep, restful sleep.

During the day, we take time to rebound on the mini-trampoline, take walks, play golf, swim, garden, play Bocci Ball or other exercises. These are all activities that keep our hearts pumping, our blood and lymph moving, and our stress levels low.  

We are now both retired.  Our schedules in the past were different but included many of the same activities that we practice now. We are Floridians who enjoy the mild, sunny climate that enables us to go outside almost daily to get our dose of Vitamin D. Due to Covid, we are currently not attending in-person exercise and yoga classes, but look forward to adding them to our schedule when it is safe to do so.

Over the years we have studied and experienced many valuable exercise and healing modalities: Yoga, Do-In, Pilates, Chi Kung, Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel Method, Donna Eden Energy Work, Chakra Clearing, Level III Reiki, Earthing, Breath Work, Healing Touch, Oneness Blessing, and Transcendental Meditation. These are in our “toolbox” which we utilize as needs arise. 

Murray and I believe it is as important to have a flexible mind, as it is to have a flexible body. We hope to never stop learning, to never stop discovering new ideas, new information and new skills to keep our brains active and sharp. This diet and exercise health program has worked for us. The life we have created is blessed, joyful, and fun.

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