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Support yourself in eating a plant-based diet by eating fresh, local produce at your neighborhood farm! maintains a grassroots directory that has family farms with Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs) all across the country. See what's for dinner near you!

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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a growing movement that connects farmers directly with consumers. Members buy a "share" of the farm's produce for the season, and pick up shares on a weekly or monthly basis.

Having a CSA share is a great way for consumers to buy fresh, locally produced food at very afforable prices. Having a farmshare means relationships are created with farmers, consumers know where their food comes from, and people can support their local economy. Buying into a CSA is a wonderful way to support yourself in eating a plant-based diet.

Farmers usually prefer that members pay upfront, but some farms offer more flexible payment plans. Some CSA farms also require that members work a certain number of hours on the farm during the season. The length of a CSA season varies between farms, and also by climate.

Use the search engine provided by to find a CSA near you!

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