Are you ready to pursue a life of vibrant health? Have you discovered the importance of one's diet and lifestyle in the establishment of total health? Do you want personalized guidance that addresses your own unique needs? Would you like to explore natural alternatives to enhance your present health programs?

The licensed professionals at Great Life Global provide expert nutritional and macrobiotic lifestyle counseling wherever you are - in person, by telephone, and via the internet. Based on up-to-date, scientifically proven information, yet rooted in time-honored traditional healing methods, the Great Life Global approach is sound, holistic, and balanced.

We know that you are totally unique. Your life goals are the utmost importance to us. You will have the opportunity to fully discuss your special background, health history, environment, profession, and needs. Together, we will develop an effective and organized plan to establish and maintain a new healthy, revitalized lifestyle.

Great Life Global is dedicated to presenting a dynamic variety of holistic healing modalities. Along with a dynamic dietary regime, Great Life Global counseling provides recommendations for the most appropriate exercises for body, mind, and spirit. Together we will launch your new "Great Life" with an exciting daily program to help your achieve your goals and create the health and life you seek!

At Great Life Global we offer a holistic approach to your health.  We know that the most valuable health practices happen both inside and out.  Let our professional and experienced staff teach you how nutrition and a commitment to your personal growth will transform your life!  Our clients have a wide range of questions and personal goals.  Our trained experts counsel clients about:

  • Disease Prevention and Holistic Treatment
  • Cancer Prevention and Alternatives
  • Diabetes Prevention and Reversal
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Fertility and Reproductive Disorders
  • Allergy Relief
  • PMS, Menopause, and Women’s Health Issues
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Vision Health
  • Holistic Health for Children
  • Mental Health Alternatives
  • Developing a Vegetarian Diet or Vegan Diet
  • Stress Management Skills, Meditation Facts and Relaxation Techniques
  • The Joy of Drumming and the Power of Music
  • Conquering drug and alcohol addiction
  • Macrobiotic Recipes
  • Natural Cures and Natural Health Remedies
  • Bladder Control and Incontinence Remedies


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Macrobiotic Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling

Great Life Global is dedicated to providing individuals, families and groups with the tools needed to develop healthy lifestyle practices and specialized macrobiotic diet guidance.  At the heart of Great Life Global is Lino Stanchich, Licensed Nutritionist, world-renowned natural health counselor and Kushi Institute Certified Macrobiotic Educator.  He is joined by his wife, Jane Quincannon-Stanchich, Kushi Institute Certified Macrobiotic Teacher and Licensed Nutritionist. The Great Life Global Team includes Sean DiMaria, Licensed Master’s Social Worker, macrobiotics educator, health consultant, and life coach. Together they are proud to offer personalized programs to teach individuals, families, couples, professionals, students and corporations the basics of macrobiotic theory, cooking principles, as well as balanced proper nutrition and effective alternative health solutions.  Each individualized program includes customized recommendations for dietary and lifestyle practices along with energizing exercises. The Great Life Global Team is dedicated to providing you on-going guidance, education, and emotional support.

Dynamic Lectures, Seminars, Keynote, and Global Media Presentations

Great Life Global is dedicated to providing credible, educational information to an international audience about the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lino Stanchich, founder of Great Life Global, along with his wife,  Jane Quincannon Stanchich, and assistant, Sean DiMaria, and are also available for public speaking engagements and also offer a wide variety of holistic health workshops.

Lino Stanchich, founder of Great Life Global, is a renowned international teacher of the Macrobiotic way of life with 40 years of experience. He is a respected teacher of the macrobiotic diet, philosophy, and lifestyle, along with energy exercises (Chi Kung), shiatsu massage, Do-In self-massage, and special eating techniques. Mr. Stanchich serves on the faculty of the Kushi Institute and is a member of the Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Educators Association. A Licensed Nutritionist, Mr. Stanchich is a multi-lingual educator who has established several macrobiotic learning centers in the United States and offers inspiring public lectures, seminars, and keynot presentations throughout the United States and Europe. To contact Lino Stanchich, Click Here.

Jane Quincannon Stanchich is a Macrobiotic Educator and Licensed Nutritionist who teaches comprehensive macrobiotic education, presents interactive cooking classes, and provides delicious macrobiotic recipes, low calorie and vegetarian recipes, and raw vegan recipes. To contact Jane Quincannon Stanchich, Click Here.

Sean DiMaria is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker who has been teaching and providing mental health Counseling/Alternatives, Macrobiotics, healthy cooking, energy meditation and relaxation techniques since 1990. He offers dynamic lectures and seminars on mental health, healthy weight loss, relaxation and meditation techniques, and optimum health improvements. To contact Sean DiMaria, Click Here.


Highly respected Licensed Nutritionists and Kushi Certified Macrobiotic Educators, Jane and Lino Stanchich provide an expertly designed personalized dietary and lifestyle program for individuals, couples and families in the comfort of their own home. Lino Stanchich is one of the world's most experienced and successful, as well as popular, natural health educators who can fully assess your needs and create a powerfully effective daily program to create greater wellness, vitality, and happiness in life. This dynamic couple will share medically proven techniques of regeneration and rejuvenation. They will fully instruct your staff about any dietary requirements. Energizing Self Massage techniques and Special Healing Exercises will be presented by Lino Stanchich, Licensed Massage Therapist. Lino speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and Croatian. Professional, personable, and discreet, Jane and Lino provide a One-Week or more personalized program that will positively transform your life as you desire.... physically, mentally, emotionally. Phone (828) 299-8657 for details and reservations.


Wellness in the Workplace is a Win-Win situation. The healthier your employees are PHYSICALLY, the healthier your company will be FISCALLY. Wellness is as cost-effective as it is humane, as your people, the foundation of your business, will experience greater clarity, productivity, and energy... all leading to greater joy of life. You, as the leader of your corporation, upon creating greater wellness in your workplace, will demonstrate your innate compassion and intellect. This commitment will foster greater employee trust in your vision and philosophy. Professional nutritional and lifestyle education programs with Jane and LIno Stanchich will give your staff the tools they need to create healthier habits, choices, and methods of wellness proven to profoundly increase clear thinking, reduce accidents, and slash healthcare costs. Professional Power Point instruction will be combined with personalized staff group consultations, lively and practical cooking demonstrations, culinary staff consultations. Lino, a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist will teach your employees his unique AT-DESK EXERCISES to increase mental function and stamina as it decreases back, neck, and arm pain. Jane will provide a comprehensive class in "Creating a Healthier Workplace." Your company will profit in every way from the programs of Jane and Lino Stanchich. Phone (828) 299-8657 for details and reservations.


Jane Quincannon Stanchich is a unique, award-winning Macrobiotic Educator and Licensed Nutritionist who provides expert macrobiotic counseling and lifestyle coaching, with an emphasis on achieving optimum health, as well as dynamic and effective disease prevention and recovery programs.


Jane represented the Kushi Institute in the creation of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Macrobiotic Culinary Program and Offerings now served at their international hotels. This highly respected macrobiotic educator offers comprehensive macrobiotic education, presents lively, clear, interactive cooking classes to public groups and institutes including Northwestern University's Kellogg School.


A Former public school educator and natural health expert, Jane can bring into your corporation or assembly the skills, professionalism, and personality required to take people on a new path towards natural wellness, to prevent illness and pain, as well as address the causes of disease. When employees are well, production increases, absenteeism diminishes, and healthcare costs are reduced. Jane provides books, delicious plant-based recipes, low calorie and vegetarian dishes, and raw vegan options. To contact Jane Quincannon Stanchich, Click Here.

Meditation and Relaxation Products and Counseling

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Our Mission is Mindfulness and Education
At Great Life Global we understand the importance of nurturing the mind, body and spirit connection.  Through relaxation techniques, daily motivational affirmations, healing music, sacred drumming, yoga, massage therapy, bodywork and energy meditation we help clients achieve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, so they can live more satisfying and joy-filled lives.

The mind body connection has been clearly acknowledged throughout human history.  Scholars, aristocrats, religious believers, working families, writers, musicians and artists alike have all recognized how the state of your body directly affects the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the mind and vice versa; what you think and feel affects our body’s functions. At Great Life Global we promote a way of living which involves personal accountability, self-awareness, and intentional learning. Mindfulness (being conscious of the present moment) and education can help you build a support network and motivate you to explore the benefits of a vegetarian diet, nutrition for a vegan, macrobiotic eating, types of meditation, all natural medicine, the joy of drumming, positive daily affirmations, health and relaxation.

Our team offers the following services in addition to macrobiotic and nutritional counseling:

Lino Stanchich, LN, LMBT, offers, along with comprehensive macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle counseling, the following classes to enhance relaxation, balance, and inner joy:

* Professional Massage, specializing in Shiatsu
* Chi Kung
* Reiki Treatments
* Meditation

Jane Quincannon Stanchich, LN, offers a variety of classes, seminars, and sessions on these centering, strengthening, and relaxing techniques:

* Women's Health
* Disease Prevention
* Kripalu Yoga
* Breathing
* Visualization
* Meditation

Sean DiMaria, LMSW, creator of the Dance of Life Meditation Collection, offers, along with Life Coaching, mental health counseling, and dietary and lifestyle consultations, the following meditation and relaxation products and services to create inner peace, reduce stress, and stimulate positive life changes:

* Meditation, Relaxation classes and seminars
* Meditation, Relaxation, and Visualization audio and written programs
* Deep breathing technique instruction

If you are interested in a Macrobiotic or Health Consultation with Lino Stanchich, please call him at (828) 299-8657.

The Standard Macrobiotic Diet more than satisfies the U.S. RDA's for calcium and protein, as well as all nutrients for human health.

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