Great Life Seminar ReviewMacrobiotics Changed my life!!!!!!!! It changed my husbands life by default (and he is in baby steps mode) and it enhanced the way I look at illness and disease.  As a student doing her PhD in health education, it is important for me to have a very proactive way of living with regard to health and well being, to not just teach it but to live it.  That's what Macrobiotics did for me, it helped to live this proactive healthy way and to truly understand the value of "Garbage in Garbage out" with regard to what I was eating and what I need to be eating to get a fuller quality of life for myself and my family.

Before eating Macrobiotically, I had endometrial hyperplasia where I was bleeding for months and they did not know what the cause. Macrobiotics was a God send because right after that experience I was committed to changing my way of life.  I did, and I not only lost 30 lbs (which for any women is just fabulous), but my skin cleared up and I feel more energetic and alive at 34.  Since then, my health issues have been resolved and I have a lovely baby girl which I was committed to having naturally in the hospital after reading the Macrobiotic Pregnancy.  I went through 3 days of labor and did not have any drugs, and I opted to not have the saline drip in my system to dilute my natural hormones that were allowing my body to naturally do the work. I must admit sometimes I fall off the wagon, but even my fall off is so much better than how many people still eat and I get right back on because my body feels the effects. Last, they say mums know best and my mother introduced me to this retreat and I have been forever changed.  So much so that I want to take my husband who would not be the type of person to even consider this way of life if you know what I mean.  To get him to come I am giving up two birthday presents for him to pledge to come with me to the mountain retreat in 2011. So I have a challenge for you,  remember me in your thoughts and I hope and pray that we get there!!!!!!!!!! I am on count down.....

Jane, Lino and the Macro crew I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of the world.


Gail Young, MA
PhD Candidate

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