I want to express my deep appreciation to Lino and Jane for having me be a part of the Great Life Mountain Seminar team.  Being in the kitchen is it's own little microcosm of life and there is always so much to learn - not only in turning out amazing nourishing food, but in personal interactions. Both of you are my guru's in very different ways and what better teachers could I ask for!!!

Jane, you have taught me so much - not only about creating great menus and recipes, but about putting love into the food and beauty into the presentation. Your attention to detail carries over - particularly in making sure that people with special food needs get what they need.  The confidence I have gained around my cooking skills have soared and I know it's a direct result of our working together. I thank you.

Working with the other cooks has also contributed so much. Everyone comes with their own style and flair - it's great to share in our differences.  With each of us doing our part and working together, the kitchen miracles happen three times a day for seven days.

It's an awesome feeling to know that the food we create in the kitchen is nourishing all of the participants - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. What a great gift and privilege it is to participate in another person's  health and well-being.

Thank you again and again for the opportunities you have given me.

In love and friendship,
Marcia Reisman


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