As always, it is a pleasure to work with Jane and Lino.

Although at first glance cooking for forty people for seven days appeared daunting, however, you made it pleasurable and exciting at the same time. Your guidance in the kitchen encouraged me to stretch my skills. Your willingness to teach and share whole-heartedly expanded my knowledge of the cooking side exponentially.

All of this, of course, flowed through into the dining area. Our guests were lavished with the freshest, most wholesome ingredients. Special care was taken to create personalized menu items if a guest’s condition required it. All done seamlessly in the rhythm of the meals. All greatly appreciated by all of our visitors.

I felt so blessed to be a part of healing each and every person at our Seminar. I, too, benefited from the fabulous food, beautiful trails at the YMCA site and camaraderie created, especially by the after-dinner gatherings.

Thank you for sharing your peace.
Carol Kirschner

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