The seminar was jam packed with information and wisdom from three of the most respected and knowledgeable macrobiotic teachers/counselors! The food was delicious and awesome! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend two of your seminars and they have truly been a "Great Life" experience!   
-  Dr. Maggie Cottrell

This has been a really marvelous meeting. I have never seen and cannot imagine a more positive or more supportive group, made all the more enjoyable and informative by the excellent organization and smooth operation. I am a veteran of many conferences and I give this one an unqualified A+. Thank you so very much.
- Julia Banks

Thank you for making accommodations for my half week stay. I really needed to be here. The speakers and staff were excellent - thank you so much for putting this on. I want to come back again.
- Renee Wedding

Altogether I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the classes, and the staff was wonderful, leading the participants to open up to others. A memorable experience.
- Mary McKenzie

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