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Hi Jane,

I loved your classes not only for the step-by-step clear instructions, but for the nutrition and health benefit information you gave with each dish prepared.  A nice bonus was the wonderful positive approach to cooking  that you demonstrate.  I have told friends about "cooking with love" enveloping the preparation of the food.  I think it is a great image.

Thank you for caring.     
Jillian Johnson

Hi Jane,

I would love for anyone to know that I very much enjoyed your "Italian Feast" class! I love the way the entire meal was put into a booklet.

The way you present the class is very easy to follow along and  full of useful information. The setting around the table is very comfortable and friendly, and the food was absolutely delicious.

In future classes I would be interested in quick healthy meals, miso soup,  and stir fry.

Thank you for a great class!
Cindy Robinson

Dear Jane,

Your classes were so very helpful and insightful. I recently had severe intestinal challenges brought on by years of bad choices in foods. Liliane Papin requested I go on a Macrobiotic diet. It also had to be gluten-free. The classes came at just the right time. After almost three months on a plant-based diet I am symptom-free at this time. I liked the "voyeur" style of being able to watch you demonstrate each step and the reason for it which allowed me to just sit and learn. Your teaching is very soft and quiet which goes along with this lifestyle. I have made most all of the recipes given to us in the three Saturday classes. The tempeh and the miso soup recipes are my favorites as is the Amazake pudding.

Again, thank you for making my journey back to health a pleasant and doable thing.

I hope to learn more in future classes! As far as future classes simple but tasty is best!

Michele Hobby

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